Tree-ring research revisited.


The study of wood formation at different temporal and spatial scales is, clearly, in need of techniques enabling to capture sufficient multi-scale detail (Battipiglia et al. 2014). Both technological advances as well as related computational techniques will help in increasing our understanding of tree response in a changing climate and changing needs, supporting sustainable production of both timber and non-timber products. The aim of dendrochronomics is to develop a high-throughput multi-scale hard- and software platform to obtain and analyze continuous time series of multi-proxy data, with intra-annual resolution, on increment cores mainly. The platform comprises 3 essential breakthrough steps: high-throughput acquisition of multi-proxy tree-ring series, guided cross-dating and advanced time-aware analysis. The backbone of dendrochronomics is advanced multi-scale X-ray CT scanning (see example below for an increment core of Quercus spp.) at one hand and full imaging of long microtome cross-sections (see example below for Cedrela spp) at the other hand.



Key publications of the team on dendrochronomics are:

Ongoing projects related to dendrochronomics:


Within dendrochronomics, we also aim at the development of a database, both containing pith-to-bark density profiles based on 3D X-ray CT volumes as well as (partially annotated) pith-to-bark cross-sections. Currently, more than 5000 cores from locations in Africa, N- and S-America and Europe haven been X-ray CT scanned (see map below). Software and a test volume, used in the papers of Van den Bulcke et al. (2014) and De Mil et al. (2016) can be downloaded here . The toolboxes come with a brief manual for the moment (will be updated later) and are built with MATLAB R2018b (9.5). You need to install the proper Matlab Runtime Version .

Following projects (number corresponds with 'projectnr' in the pop-up on the map) and associated people contributed to the database:

  1. IFS funded PhD Moses Libalah
  2. ITTO funded PhD dr. Agathe Dié
  3. VLIR-UOS funded PhD dr. Maaike De Ridder
  4. Master thesis Victor Deklerck
  5. ERC PASTFORWARD : Prof. Kris Verheyen, Sybryn Maes
  6. Special Research Scholarship Tom De Mil
  7. BELSPO BiosphereTraits project
  8. FRIA PhD project Yegor Tarelkin
  9. UCL Project Benoit Cassart
  10. BAEF Tom De Mil/NSF Will Tintor, Matt Meko, Connie Woodhouse, Valerie Trouet
  11. Ellen Janssen, Bart Muys, Nesibe Köse
  12. Lamarche, Dunwiddie, BAEF Tom De Mil, Matt Meko, Valerie Trouet
  13. Master thesis Siebe Puynen

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in applying dendrochronomics in your work or you want to know more about X-ray CT scanning for tree-ring analysis or the database, feel free to contact us for collaboration. You can find additional information on the UGent-Woodlab website.